Masculine Battuto. Awesome viking ships. Scandinavian design.


Glass artist
The Brown of Backhaus Brown
A Brit in Denmark
Owner of Backhaus Brown
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Warm and cold. The art of Battuto.


Creating handmade glass is a warm job, but Andrew chooses to combine the warmth with quite a bit of 'cold' work. Andrew is namely an expert in Battuto - an old Italian technique that was renewed and made relevant by the renowned architect and glass artist Carlo Scarpa in the 20th century. Over the years, Andrew has been more and more drawn by the technique as the cold grinding (in water) of the fine glass creates a very masculine expression. Andrew's Battuto pieces are certainly remarkable and exudes something both strikingly modern and archaic at the same time.
A majestic merger of glass and wood.


His looks do not deceive him - Andrew might as well be a viking! His fascination with this period of time might be linked to his British descent combined with a life in Denmark, and has brought us the unique and sculptural viking ships made of glass and wood in collaboration with master cabinetmakers Egeværk. The hulls of the Viking Ships are created by use of Andrew's specialty; the Battuto technique.